Old Market Street

The proposal comprises demolition and rebuilding of 34 Old Market Street plus demolition of the three residential blocks to the rear and construction of a new residential block. 15 residential units will be created plus Class E retail space at ground floor level within 34 Old Market Street.

The principle of residential development of this site with flexible Class E space in the Old Market Street frontage raises no issues. We welcome the demolition of the presently incongruous 34 Old Market Street. The proposal would enhance the character of the Conservation Area and respects the Grade II Listed Buildings adjoining and nearby the development site. Care appears to have been taken to align the fenestration including the dormers with windows in adjoining properties on the Old Market Street elevation.

The Society welcomes the change in the layout of the residential properties to the rear of 34 Old Market Street. The new orientation affords dual aspect accommodation and better suits the site. The unit size mix is commendable and the Society strongly supports the development being sold to a social housing provider. Private and public open space/playspace is provided.

It would be good to link up with the district heating schemes under development as suggested and the Society encourages a high standard of sustainability in all schemes to implement the Council’s policies to tackle climate change.

We reserve our position to comment on a formal detailed application but would be supportive of a development closely following these preapplication proposals.

John Payne


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