Moxy Hotel update

Moxy hotelMoxy Hotel at 55-83 Newfoundland Road

The developer (Vastint Hospitality) has filed revised plans that make cosmetic changes to the proposed street elevations. The Society regrets opposing any planning application particularly one where a developer has invested so much time and expense. We recognise that redevelopment would bring investment and employment to the city. However, building is for the long-term. The developer has known from the beginning of the planning process that its corporate design style would be unacceptable in this prominent city-centre location. The Society has filed a further response to support redevelopment but opposes the current design.

Bristol Civic Society’s original comment .


John Frenkel

2 thoughts on “Moxy Hotel update”

  1. What an awful design. Surely such an important site as this, being at the entrance to the city and the end of a bland motorway deserves an iconic and striking building – and preferably over BCS’s standard requirement of six floors. Not much of a welcome to the city is it?

  2. Jerry Hicks’ constant condemnation of the proliferation of square openings, probably 20 years ago, is still quite valid, and not just on thias site. They are everywhere in recent Bristol developments.
    The planners are going to have to be very hard indeed on this developer to get something attractive on such a prominent site.

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