Midland Road

40-48 Midland Road, 18/02913/F

The image shows Midland Road looking north towards Old Market. This is a scheme to build 62 flats, 100% affordable housing and a café in a 6-storey L shaped building on Midland Road and Midland Street. The Society supported the response of the Old Market Community Association (OMCA). The Society and the OMCA fully support the principle to redevelop this site with a good quality proposal.

There is an extant planning permission for a scheme which delivers 29 dwellings. The new proposal is too dense. The attempt to achieve this density could not deliver a quality development. At six storeys, the proposal is too tall. The Old Market Quarter Neighbourhood Development Plan says that new buildings should be designed to be sympathetic to the height and design to neighbouring buildings. The prevailing building heights on Midland Road and Kingsland Road are 2 and 3-storeys. There are only two 4-storey buildings on Midland Road; on the corners of Waterloo street and Horton Street. This is the context into which the proposed development should fit.

John Frenkel

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