Longmoor Village: July 2021 update

This application seeks outline planning permission to develop this site for around 500 homes. Permission is being sought for the access arrangements with all other detailed matters deferred until a later application.

The Society has no objections to the access arrangements. We support residential development on the Longmoor Village site. The indicative masterplan is helpful in setting out the direction of travel towards the detailed proposals to come. The Society does not wish the 5 storey height of some of the proposed residential blocks to be taken as a given without further consideration in a full application. We will also be looking for a variety of unit sizes and tenures in later applications. The indicated distribution of private and public open space throughout the development is welcome.

The Society hopes that the development team will encourage Bristol City Council and North Somerset Council to facilitate a walking and cycling route (and a cycling route alongside Longmoor Brook between the Long Ashton Park and Ride and the stadium, as it is such an obvious desire line

Bristol Civic Society has no objections to the proposed road access arrangements for this site.

We have the following comments on the proposals for pedestrian and cycle access (D&AS 2.7/4.4/6.5.3):

  • the proposals (both in diagrams and words) elide together the proposals for pedestrian and cycle access. The two modes of transport have different considerations and the proposals for each should be kept separate. In particular, the access northwards along Colliter’s Brook is currently separate for pedestrian and cyclists, and it should be made clear that this will remain so.
  • there is a paragraph in section 6 on parameter plans for pedestrian routes, but not one for cycle routes.
  • section 6.5.3 rules out a pedestrian route along Longmoor Brook to connect with Ashton Gate, because “pedestrian links, with requirements for external lighting and the like, would adversely impact the neighbouring habitats”.

John Payne


Full Civic Society response.

Civic Society view in January 2021


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