Local Plan Review: second consultation

Bristol Council has been consulting on proposed changes to the Local Plan policies. The Society has responded to the second round of consultation.

The main points in our response are:

  • Development areas – the Plan proposes 14 areas where there will be significant development. We support spatial frameworks for all areas of growth. It is important that the Local Plan gives clear guidance to developers to ensure that the right framework is produced at the right time. We think that the draft guidance could be strengthened, and we suggest revised wording.
  • Shopping – we think the policies should allow more for retail trends: we have suggested wording.
  • Transport – the section could be strengthened. There is a risk of disconnect between planning and transport, and we think that more is needed to provide the link between the Local Plan and Bristol’s current transport strategies and plans. In particular, the transport policies should address the impact of the increased population in the growth areas.
  • Climate change – the Plan should reflect the climate emergency. We think that the section on climate change should reflect the recent acknowledgement of a climate emergency, and the Council’s adoption of a 2030 zero emissions target.

Use this link to view the consultation documents. And this link for Bristol Civic Society’s full response.

The Society’s response to the first round of consultation a year ago is here.

Alan Morris

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