Land at Airport Road

The Society supports the Council’s initiative to develop land that it owns beside Airport Road. The development will provide 173 new homes (30% affordable) in a mix of 2- and 3-bedroom houses and higher density four storey 1- and 2-bedroom apartment blocks.

The development will regenerate the Brislington Brook to improve the natural landscape and increase biodiversity. The trees along the brook are retained with additional planting to add to the landscape setting which will include a community hub to cater for outdoor activities with seating, BBQ pit, grow zone planters and a play area aimed at smaller children. There will be a scheme to manage the enhanced open space. The development will widen the cycle path that runs along Airport Road.

What is new is that the Council are in partnership with BoKlok which is a joint venture between IKEA and Skanska. BoKlok builds homes in a factory which accelerates construction on site. Off-site construction produces buildings to a higher standard with more energy efficient materials than traditional on-site construction methods produce.

John Frenkel


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