Globe House: new application

The latest application for this site retains the façade of Globe House in Eugene Street, Old Market. A four- and three-storey residential development is attached to this. A completely new building adjacent to it would have offices at ground floor level with apartments above in a building of up to six storeys. A total of 71 predominantly 1 and 2 bed flats would be provided plus 349 square metres of office space. It is basically a car-free development with some provision made for mobility impaired people and visitors to the office space. A total of 124 cycle parking spaces are included.

This application is an improvement on its predecessor. The Society is eager to see this site developed but a number of its concerns regarding the previous application remain. We believe a further reduction of one storey in the six-storey block would be more appropriate for the prevailing character of the area. This would also lower the density of residential development which remains high. We remain concerned about the preponderance of one and two bed flats and the number of single aspect apartments. Combined with limited amenity space, we believe the proposed density and types of apartments provided will be harmful to the living conditions of residents. The Society considers that a greater variety of non-residential uses at ground floor level and a more diverse range of accommodation are required for the development to contribute well to the regeneration of this area and to comply better with adopted and emerging planning policies for the area including the Council’s aspirations for this area of the City known as the Frome Gateway. We cannot, therefore, support the proposal as it stands.

John Payne

Civic Society’s full response (PDF)

Comments on the original Westworks proposal.



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