Easton Road development

Easton Road and Lawrence Hill

20 Easton Road, 7-9 & 13-15 Lawrence Hill, Old Market, Bristol. BS5 0BY

There is an outline planning application for partial demolition and mixed use development for up to 72 dwellings (including 20% affordable dwellings) and up to 720 sqm of commercial/community floor space, use of the courtyard as a community market along with new public realm.

The Civic Society is supportive in principle of this imaginative proposal.

The Society welcomes the latest design proposals for this site, having voiced strong objection to earlier proposals, some involving very tall towers. We particularly support the retention and reuse of the Victorian buildings which will give them a long term, sustainable future. The extension of the frontages to Easton Road and Lawrence Hill is appropriate. The new frontage to the roundabout is also appropriate in terms of height, massing and elevational treatment.

Simon Birch

Civic Society view posted in February 2020.


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