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Dove Lane, St. Pauls

The Society supports this development which should make a significant contribution to city centre housing needs. This land is long unused and needs to be brought back into use. Places for People (PP) have outline planning permission to build in 6 blocks to provide office space, 250+ new homes, retail, and small business/workshop space. The site lies behind the M32 Shell filling station which is in the bottom right hand corner of the image. The six new building blocks are in the centre and to the left of the image, they display details such as windows and parapets. The surrounding buildings appear as plain blocks.

PP have cleared the site of former, dilapidated industrial buildings and installed below-ground services; they are preparing for the first stage of construction. Following a change of mind, there is an application to vary the planning use of Block A, the first block to be built. PP seek permission to replace office development in Block A with 58 flats. Block A is the ā€˜Sā€™ shaped building to the left of the M32 filling station with which it shares a boundary. In their documents filed to obtain the outline planning permission PP produced encouraging images of their proposals to improve the streets through the site. Unfortunately, they showed little public amenity space. We expect variations in design of the other five blocks as development progress which this item will update as they appear.

John Frenkel


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  1. Dear all

    I’m very happy with the great news of the new development at st Paul’s Dove Lane, as I’m local, and i know the place ……..I hope we will have chance to get rented properties there…
    Many thanks
    Al the best

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