Castle Park Design Competition

This design competition was organised by Goram Homes and Bristol Housing Festival with the objective of attracting exemplars of sustainability and biodiversity whilst delivering houses. The competition brief talked of delivering 80 homes.

The competition attracted a total of 37 entries and 5 were shortlisted. The Society was invited to a stakeholder event to assist in the assessment of the short-listed schemes. Subsequently the winner was announced as Groupwork and McGregor Coxall.

The site is identified in the City Council’s Plan as being a housing opportunity. Redevelopment here could improve an important gateway to Castle Park from this location.

The Energy Centre (part of the Bristol Heat Network) is under construction at present.

We were impressed by the quality and inventiveness of the schemes and by their green credentials and particularly by the low embodied carbon of the winning scheme. However, we had concerns about heights in terms of their impact both on views and on the park itself, and in terms of over shadowing.

We will be very interested to see the next stage – with more detailed proposals.

Simon Birch



5 thoughts on “Castle Park Design Competition”

  1. Maureen Maureen

    I don’t like all the high buildings being proposed by developers as I feel they destroy the character of Bristol, the city of churches, and it will be a huge concrete area as wanted by the mayor but I’m just an old fashioned clog…. I think 20+ stories is too high.

  2. Richard Holland

    I agree. Sticking on a few bits of vegetation can’t mask the deeply dull and unimaginative design of this Legoland lump. Why the folks in Victorian costume?

  3. Richard Barton

    These buildings are far too high for the area. Also the design is not good. I wonder what can be leant from the history of the area and incorporated into the design.

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