Cargo Work

Cargo Work

Former JS Fry Warehouse, Wapping Wharf

The picture shows the corner of Cumberland Road running into the picture and Wapping Road running to the right. In 2006 the Council approved an overall masterplan for Wapping Wharf which included the redevelopment of the former warehouse on the Wapping Road Cumberland Road corner as offices. Umberslade, the developer, has presented a scheme to construct office space in re-purposed shipping containers inside the Grade II listed gaol walls. The new proposal would provide office space in re-purposed shipping containers with a central atrium to provide natural light to open-plan office space on either side across 5 levels. There would be one new opening in the outer wall to create a main entrance. The proposal would be similar to the successful Cargo 1 and 2 schemes, suitably named, Cargo Work.

Although the Society regrets the loss of the unlisted former warehouse it supports the current proposal in principle. This would be the third scheme of this type in the City. The other schemes have proved popular with their occupiers. It is however significantly taller than Cargo 1 and 2. In due course the Council must consider the proposal’s impact on the Grade II listed Prison wall, it would be at least double the height of the heritage asset. Umberslade says that properly maintained the containers and conventional building have a similar life expectancy. Tsupported by a panel to explain the significance of the wall and the recently consolidated prison gate. Outside the walls a new public realm with a wider pavement, cycle path and landscape scheme are welcome.

The full BCS response [PDF, 113KB].

John Frenkel

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