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Broadwalk Shopping Centre: October Update

In October 2018, the developers applied for outline planning permission. The Society response said that we considered the scheme to be exciting and imaginative, and potentially positive in achieving the urgently-needed regeneration of the shopping centre.

The new pedestrian route from Redcatch Park to Wells Road through the new public open space and the commercial area could bring benefits to transform the shopping centre. Officers would have to assess the proposal for the tall buildings that face Redcatch Park on their merits. The Society is concerned about the density of the scheme. We support the overall purpose for changing the accommodation mix in this low-density residential area with the provision of a large flatted scheme. However, this type of development intensity always raises questions about the quality of life offered to future residents. The Society draws to the Council’s attention the predominance of single-aspect flats, a proportion of which are north facing and the long, artificially-lit internal access corridors.

Use this link for the original review.

John Frenkel

2 thoughts on “Broadwalk Shopping Centre: October Update”

  1. There should also be consideration for the residents of Broadwalk, Redcatch Road and – most pressingly – Ryde Road who will have an enormous 20+ meter wall rising within 10 meters of their back garden

    1. I am the convener of the Society’s Major Sites Group. I posted the Society’s response to the Council. When we considered this proposal many local residents had already responded to describe how the proposal would affect them. The Council were impressively informed about the impact on neighbours. We decided that the Society could not add anything to the many detailed responses published on the planning web page. The neighbours are in the best position to explain their concerns. Consequently, the Society restricted its comments to the effect on the public realm.

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