Ashton Gate: July 2021 update

The application is for demolition of the existing buildings immediately to the west of the Ashton Gate Stadium and development of a sports hub, hotel, offices, housing and multi storey car park.

Bristol Civic Society supports, in principle, the development of the land adjoining Ashton Gate Stadium which will create a sporting and hospitality hub of benefit to the City and south Bristol in particular and boost employment opportunities in the area. .

We have urged the developers, Bristol City Council and transport providers to maximise public transport accessibility, and other measures that could lead to a further reduction in on-site parking in order to achieve a sustainable development.

We are particularly concerned about the proposed 14 storey residential tower and nearby office building. The Society considers that tall buildings do not provide a satisfactory living environment unless built to a high standard and closely managed. We are also concerned about the impact of these tall buildings on views in the city. Looking to the south across the site they would break the skyline presently formed by the hills east and west of Dundry and partially block views of the hills themselves. They would also harm the view across the site from Ashton Court at Woodman’s Cottage.

John Payne

Full Civic Society response.

Civic Society view in January 2021


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