4 Glass Wharf

Glass Wharf

4 Glass Wharf, Avon Street

The building at the bottom right of the drawing is the proposed office building and would contain 7 floors above a ground floor of office accommodation. A bridge will link it to next door office building, 3 Glass Wharf. The Government will occupy both buildings. There will be a green rooftop plant and photovoltaics area. The Society’s supports the Old Market Community Association who object to the scheme, which exceeds the scale of the 2003 masterplan. Although the building, will step down towards The Dings it would still overbear and overshadow the housing on the opposite side of Anvil Street and compromise the amenities of its residents. If the Council accepts the height and mass of the current scheme the Society made several suggestions.

The Society’s principal interest is the impact of development on the public realm. The impression that this building would give to pedestrians would be of a huge dominant slab built to the back of the pavement, on two sides. The Society suggests that the street elevations are too cellular. We would welcome a breakdown to give greater rhythm and articulation. At street level there could be further attempts to reduce the building’s perceived bulk from Anvil Street (next to The Dings) if it is treated as shared space with build outs to create space for planting and to slow traffic.

The elevation that faces the railway is the critical aspect of this building. Buildings with outstanding architecture and materials should frame this important gateway to the city. The roof should to contribute towards local character and distinctiveness. The roof of this building will be an important element of the view towards the city from the train.

Bristol Civic Society’s response [PDF, 375KB] and the Old Market Community Association response [PDF, 341KB]. Right-click to download, click to view.

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