2-16 Clifton Down Road

Clifton Down RoadTHAT Clifton Company Limited has proposed to demolish and redevelop the current building to create mixed commercial accommodation over 3 floors. The Society would support redevelopment if the replacement building would be better than the current building. The Society cannot support this proposal.

In 2015, the Council refused a previous planning application because the design was not good enough – it would have harmed the conservation area. The reasons that the Council gave to refuse the previous applicant apply with even greater force to the current proposal. The Society has said that the proposed building’s scale and unremitting rectangular form would introduce an oppressive presence into the street scene. The mass would harm the charm and intimacy of the lanes to the side and rear. The front elevation presents a cliff face bordering Clifton Downs Road and would lose the variety of shape and surfaces that the current building offers. The new building would cause substantial harm to the setting of the nearby listed buildings and to the character and distinctiveness of this part of the Clifton Conservation Area.

To locate this site, use this link to the Google map of the area.

John Frenkel

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