Zoom talk: The Bristol Cable, 22nd May 2024

The Bristol Cable, Bristol’s independent community newspaper, is both a website  and a quarterly print newspaper, distributed free across the city. It specialises in serious investigative reporting and in particular ‘solutions journalism’. Throughout 2023, The Bristol Cable ran a series of research-based features under the heading ‘The Future of Cities‘, looking at housing, transport, food, health, energy and environment, for which it won grant funding from the European Journalism Centre.

Founded via crowdfunding, The Bristol Cable is a not-for-profit enterprise owned and funded by its 2,500 or so members, as well as grants. It’s now seeking longer term financial stability by establishing a body of ‘patron members‘ who are able to commit to more substantial contributions. In our Zoom talk, Eliz Mizon from The Bristol Cable team will describe how it started, what it has achieved and what it hopes to achieve.

The Zoom meeting starts at 7.30pm, and members will receive by email an invitation to attend.

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