Video of Zoom talk, Bristol Temple Quarter: 14th December 2022


Event notice

Bristol Temple Quarter is the UK’s largest regeneration scheme. Covering around 130 hectares immediately around and to the east of Bristol Temple Meads Station, the project aims to transform the area over the next 25 years into a series of thriving, well-connected mixed-use communities.

The regeneration of the area will deliver 10,000 new homes in a mix of types and tenures, including much-needed new affordable homes. Thousands of new new jobs will be created, bringing inclusive economic growth to the city and new opportunities for Bristol’s citizens, alongside £1.6bn annual income to the city economy.

Works in and around Temple Meads will preserve the heritage of Brunel’s historic station while creating a gateway to Bristol and the West of England that is fit for the 21st century.

From December, the Temple Quarter team will be consulting on a draft Development Framework for Temple Quarter. This framework sets out the vision and guiding principles for change, as well as detail on what is proposed across the area, from new entrances and public spaces at Temple Meads to possibilities for change in St Philip’s Marsh. Representatives from the Temple Quarter Joint Delivery Team will present the draft Development Framework, explain early proposals for change and invite questions on the project.

Civic Society members will be invited by email to attend this Zoom event.

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