The Arboretum of Bristol, Wed 13 & 20 May 2015

Redland-Green-ash-treesA talk and guided tour

Michele Lavelle, Bill Ambridge, Alan Steeley and Kevin Stuckey

Bristol has a very favourable climate able to support a wide variety of trees. A fine collection of ancient and veteran trees have graced the city for hundreds of years, with several achieving a trunk circumference of 8 metres. There are also more recently introduced exotics and specimens.

With several native species under threat due to disease, in particular Ash and Oak, the documentation of other tree species that can grow and thrive in Bristol will be an important green legacy.

The project aims to recognise and celebrate this relatively hidden aspect. Michele and Bill, of 4D Landscape Design Ltd, are practising landscape architects. Through working together with the University of Bristol, the potential to increase the ‘Arboretum of Bristol’ has become apparent.

  • On May 13 Michele Lavelle will give a talk highlighting the special qualities of the Bristol treescape and what more can be done to secure a legacy.
  • On May 20 Alan Steeley, Head of External Estates, and Kevin Stuckey, Horticultural Manager, at the University will lead an evening walk (approx. 2 miles) through some recently planted unusual species and varieties verging on the exotic, and also a fantastic collection of well established specimens in the grounds of Churchill Hall and Wills Hall, not normally seen or noticed by the public.

May 13th 7.30pm; Upper Meeting Room, Friends Meeting House, Hampton Road, BS6 6JE.
Members £2; Non-members: £5 suggested (minimum £2). Booking not required.

May 20th, 6.30pm Meet at Café Retreat, (near the Water Tower) Durdham Downs, Stoke Road, BS9 1FG.
Please note the walk will finish at the University Botanic Gardens.
Members: £2 Non-members: £5 suggested (minimum £2). Booking not required.

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