Video Description

Bath to Bristol by boat

The video starts from the centre of Bath, near Pulteney Weir, then glides along the meandering River Avon to Bristol harbour.

Bristol floods 1968

The Bristol flood of 1968 were caused by heavy rain. A flooding River Malago overwhelmed parts of the Bedminster.

Coloured Terraces

The film delves into the history of Bristol’s many painted houses and terraces.

Bristol’s tall buildings

Produced by Bob Bennett, this film ranks the top 10 buildings in the central area of the city according to their height.

A city through time

Look and marvel how the cityscape and views have changed across the decades, brought to life by some very clever computer-generated imagery. Spot and track the differences.

Drone above Bristol

A very quick view of our city from unusual and interesting angles, with fantastic images from a drone

Dead Centre

Challenges of re-designing post-war Bristol city centre: an early presentation by Bristol Architects Forum.

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