A Clifton trilogy: 17th & 24th July

Over early summer, Gordon Young will lead three plaque-themed walks around ‘the handsomest suburb in Europe’, its façades flecked with plaques. This promises to be a roll-call of the great and good, celebrating enterprise and endeavour.

  • Central Clifton and Pembroke Road: 1.8 miles, 90 minutes, 11 plaques and 7 mansions. The walk heads north, in the direction of Clifton College then returns by way of Pembroke Road. There we ponder on the grand mansions of nineteenth-century merchants.
  • West Clifton and Hotwells: the longest walk: 2.5 miles, 2 hours, 22 plaques. Glimpses of Georgian splendour and eighteenth-century spa lodging houses.  The walk progresses to the gorge and descends to Hotwells. It then ascends by a different, little-known route.
  • East Clifton: the shortest walk, at 1.6 miles, 90 minutes, and 22 plaques.  Assyriology, neonatology, ethnology, epidemiology . . . But it doesn’t fall short on content: walkers will be treated to a particularly wide-ranging selection of plaques.

All walks take place on Sunday mornings starting at 10.30am. The meeting point in each walk will be Christ Church, Clifton. Members will be invited by email to book individual walks. The cost will be £5 per person per walk payable via PayPal.


  • Walk 1: 29/5 & 12/6 Central Clifton and Pembroke Road
  • Walk 2: 3/7 & 10/7 West Clifton and Hotwells
  • Walk 3: 17/7 & 24/7 East Clifton
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