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Planning Applications

The Planning Applications Group responds to smaller-scale development proposals that are submitted as planning applications week by week. Although not as complex as the developments considered by Major Sites Group, they can have a significant impact on the quality of the city’s appearance.

The Group has campaigned against excessive increases in residential density, threats to listed buildings and intrusive advertising. Our comments are submitted every three weeks to Bristol City Council’s planning officers who refer to them in their reports recommending permission or refusal of development. PAG also makes representations to planning committee meetings and planning appeal inquiries when it is appropriate.

Whether dealing with new buildings, alterations or advertisements, it aims to ensure that the design does not harm the city but rather enhances locally distinctive character and fits in with the surroundings and historical context.

The group:

  • meets every three weeks to review a selection of the latest planning applications. (The group is not able to review every planning application, and aims to select the most significant applications in any period.)
  • submits comments that are considered when officers or councillors meet to consider the applications, and in some cases to planning appeal enquiries.
  • works alongside other local planning groups.

These are the group’s recent comments on current developments (PDF files):


New group members are always welcome. Please contact the group’s chair – see Contacts.

Streetfocus is a useful website with a map showing proposals by developers to create new buildings, change existing sites, and other smaller changes such as tree works.