Air Quality

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The Council’s Clean Air Plan goes backwards

Following Bristol City Council’s missed end-2018 deadline, there has been an exchange of letters between the government and the council. We now know more about the reasons for the delay.
Missed air quality deadline

Missed air quality deadline

The Council has missed the government’s end-2018 deadline for deciding its preferred choice from the short list of options for getting air quality within legal limits.
Air pollution in Bristol

Air pollution in Bristol

The health impacts of air pollution are well known. Alan Morris delves behind the headlines on air pollution and proposes actions to improve it.

Ashton Court Mansion

Launch of Purcell report - 'Towards A Sustainable Future'

Launch of Purcell report – ‘Towards A Sustainable Future’

Bristol City Council has requested that the Civic Society host the Purcell report - 'Ashton Court - Towards A Sustainable Future'. The report is available in this post.
Ashton Court

Update October 2018

The Purcell Study investigating options for the Ashton Court Mansion is nearly finished. We understand that an initial draft has been delivered to the City Council and comments and feedback are awaited.
Ashton Court

Update January 2018

On Friday 24th November 2017 we held the initial meeting at Ashton Court Mansion. Over 100 attended and the overall impression was of energy and enthusiasm. All present wanted to breathe new life into the Mansion and to give it a secure future.
Ashton Court Mansion

The Current Campaign

Simon Birch, Chair of the Society, explains the story of Bristol Civic Society involvement in Ashton Court Mansion from 2017
Ashton Court Mansion

Ashton Court – an introduction

This post explains how Bristol Civic Society became involved in the future of Ashton Court Mansion.

Tall Buildings

Wapping Wharf housing

Urban Living SPD – revised version

Bristol Council has been consulting again on an Urban Living Supplementary Planning Document. ‘Urban Living’ is a policy that prioritises housing growth in certain city areas, with denser development, primarily on brownfield sites.
Tall buildings and densification

Tall buildings and densification

Bristol City Council is reviewing its approach to increasing the density of development in the city, which will replace its tall buildings policies. It has consulted on draft policies. Following the Mayor's lead, the policies encourage tall buildings.
Bristol from the Floating Harbour

Local Plan review and Urban Living SPD

Bristol Council has been consulting on proposed changes to the Local Plan policies. A particular theme is 'Urban Living', one that prioritises housing growth in certain city areas, with denser development, primarily on brownfield sites.

St. Michaels on the Mount Without

St Michaels

St Michael’s Update October 2018

The Civic Society was ultimately unsuccessful in their bid and the selected purchaser was Ian Johnson, a Clifton resident with the excellent track record of sensitively restoring the Observatory on Clifton Down.
St-Michaels showing fire damage

St Michael’s Background

Simon Birch explains how the Civic Society became involved in the future of St Michael's on the Mount Without.